Jul 14th 2012 Issue
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Street Festivals

Jordan Scherer - Jul 14th 2012

Taste of Randolph 2

Taste of Randolph 1

Summer is a time where street festivals are commonplace in America. We all know street festivals are a great place for barbeque food and beers, but is there room for iced tea?

Recently we set out to test this concept at the Taste of Randolph in Chicago. To us this represented a unique opportunity to reach a local customer base.

We decided to sell iced tea, pass out invitations to the State St. store, and offer fresh brewed tea.

The first two days were slow but steady but it was difficult to compete with the plethora of beer and sangria tents.

By the third day we still had much supply of bottled teas. Having covered our costs it became now about brand awareness.

It was over 100 degrees that weekend in the windy city and we decided to hand out fresh bottles of iced tea. In the end we touched over 20,000 locals with the various teas from around the world.

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