Jul 30th 2012 Issue
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Social Media and Tea Retail

Jordan Scherer - Jul 30th 2012

Social Media drives traffic

How can you optimize your tea shop's social media strategy to be engaging and relevant?

In this new age of social media, merchants are provided with the luxury of data, a company specific audience, and the ability to consistently connect with customer base.

For starters its crucial to be mindful of the difference between promotional and engaging activities. In the past marketing focused on incubating an awareness of specific products and services. Everyone is bombarded with alerts to buy new products, and in order to rise above the static posts need to be uniquely personal.

Lets break down three key elements to incubating a successful social media strategy:

  • Consistency: Training your customer to expect content. A campaign that drove traffic featured a daily posting schedule including Mantra Monday, Tasting Note Tuesday, What Tea Wednesday, Tea Trivia Thursday, Free Tea Friday, ActiviTea Saturday, and New Sips Sunday. By creating consistency customers are more apt to activity on pages.
  • Story: Encourage customers to tell stories about experiences in store. Many times we feature real customers enjoying tea at the shop with clever captions. This can create a strong psychological effect as when folks see others enjoying the process it makes them want to take part.
  • Empowerment: creating a social media manager in store is empowering to your employee and makes them realize they have an active stake in the companies success. Creating this position is often overlooked and will help ensure that you don't lose face with your customer. Lastly make it fun, consider having a contest for the most successful post utilizing data from your campaigns.
  • Measuring your impact. Its thrilling to create new content but ensure you are monitoring data to ensure posts are engaging. Facebook offers three metrics that can really help you strategically improve content.

  • Reach: amount of people who see your posts on their newsfeed. To increase reach you need to increase the amount of people 'talking about this'.
  • Engaged users: amount of people who click on a post.
  • Talking about this: amount of people who like or comment on a given post
  • Curious to hear what activities you utilize for your tea shop. Have you discovered alternative methods to engage users through social media?

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