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Third Store: First Thoughts

Chris Bourgea - Dec 15th 2011

It’s been just under a month since we opened our third retail store in downtown Chicago on State and Ohio. We unfortunately missed the black Friday sales, seeing as we opened about 2:30 that day. The good news is that we’re getting lots of positive feedback and positive results to some of the changes we’ve made.

Foot traffic has been a bit surprising. We expected to see more commuters in the morning passing by our store, since the train/red line is only a block from us we hoped to break into that market. We’ve been open long hours for the holiday season and to watch foot traffic, but its looking like we’ll be opening a couple hours later at the start of the new year. We’re currently open at 7:30. The other surprise is how many tourists we’ve had come into our shop. We expected to have them, but thought we’d have more locals than tourists at first. Especially since we’ve had a coming soon sign in the window for about half a century. Though we didn’t get the response like Apple does when launching a new product, we did have a few already Adagio fans come in to say hi... more >

Now Hiring: All positions for new store

Charles Cain - Jul 13th 2011

Position: ALL
Locations: ALL
Type: ALL

Adagio Teas is EXPANDING!

We've just signed the lease on our third store and we're looking for passionate team members to join our team. We'll be transferring some employees from existing stores, so we really need a few great people for each of our three stores.

The right candidates will have some previous sales experience and a passion for customer service. Adagio Tea Consultants are front-line tea evangelists on a mission to introduce casual consumers to Adagio's collection of more than 200 premium loose-leaf teas and line of tea brewing equipment and accessories.

Adagio Tea Stores are designed to be a playground for tea. Where else can you smell and touch hundreds of teas and get a guided tour from a trained expert? Customers are encouraged to create custom tea blends, brew samples of any tea in the building, and test tea accessories on our Cupping Table... more >

Adagio's third store: Downtown!

Charles Cain - Jul 12th 2011

Adagio's third Tea Experience Retail Store will open in mid-November at 617 North State Street in Chicago, IL. This third store completes the original intent of piloting three strategic locations: downtown, suburban street-level (Naperville) and high-end suburban mall (Old Orchard). Future expansion plans will be driven by the results at these three locations.

Finding the perfect downtown space has been something of a challenge. This is actually the third space we went to lease one. The first fell through due to bankruptcy proceedings with the company developing the property. The second we backed away from because we were not 100% sold on the strength of the location and this space seemed a better fit and financial deal.

The space itself is 1,000 square feet with fantastic 14 foot ceilings, a full basement, and large windows overlooking a private courtyard (shared by a few retailers but accessible only through the stores)... more >